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Create high-quality content in seconds and grow your audience FAST

A massive library of plug-and-play AI templates to create Twitter, LinkedIn and newsletter content with AI in seconds (without sounding like a robot)

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🎁 $100 off for the first 200 customers (14 left)

✅ Access 100+ content templates

✅ 15+ specialized AI prompts

✅ In-depth Video Tutorials

"Moritz’s knowledge of prompt engineering has always blown me away … pair this up with a guide chock full of ready-to-use templates and in-depth tutorials? It’s a no-brainer for anyone in the world of content creation."

- Max Rascher, Content Creator (110k+ LinkedIn followers)

Watch the AI Growth Kit in action...

"As Moritz has been my go-to AI prompt resource for some time now, buying his AI Growth Kit was a no-brainer for me. I suspected it would be good, but tbh, the kit is freakin' brilliant."

- Joanne Munro, Founder The VA Handbook (23k+ members)

How it works


Get access to the library

Access the library of 100+ Twitter, LinkedIn and newsletter content templates.


Copy AI prompt templates

Copy the prompt and chosen content template. Then provide personalized context.


Generate your content

Let AI generate your custom content to the highest copywriting standard in seconds. Fine-tune as needed.

"Moritz has really created something great with the AI Growth Kit:
The templates not only save time, but also enable you to create quality content and expand your creative capabilities."

- Paul Couvert, Content Creator (190k+ followers on Twitter)

Why I built the first ever template library that's optimized for AI content...

⏳ Creating content takes a lot of time

Anyone that creates content online knows: It takes A LOT of time and it's the main bottleneck of your business. Even if you don't create content yet, you're probably scared of the time investment it takes.

👎 AI writing sucks most of the time

Because they're strapped for time, many creators turn to AI to shortcut their content creation. But AI writing sucks if your instructions aren't specific enough. The best way to solve this is: using content templates.

⚡️ Content Templates are the key - but they're difficult to create or are hard to find

It's not easy to create great content templates. I've spent over one year as a creator, collecting and fine-tuning the best templates for my needs. And now I'm making them available to others.

Hi, I'm Moritz 👋

I used to struggle a lot with marketing.

In my days as a tech consultant and product manager, I was always focused on BUILDING the product, not marketing it.

But in 2023, after countless failed side-hustles, everything changed...

I decided to face the challenge and fully focus on the marketing side. So I went all-in on learning how to grow an audience on Twitter.

Now, a year later, 60,000+ people trust me on Twitter, 21,000+ people subscribed to my newsletter and I have gained over 80M impressions.

At first, content creation took me A TON of time. And whenever I tried to use AI, the content would sound too generic and robotic that it was easier to just write it myself.

But then I cracked the code... Here's how:

  • I would create content templates for all kinds of different content types
  • Then I use a targeted AI prompt to fill out that template with my context
  • Finally I let AI generate the content in seconds, which is now very high-quality

Using this process saves me 20+ hours per week and allowed me to focus my time on other parts of the business.

I've curated a large database of the best content templates throughout the last year. And now I've turned it into a system that is super easy and fast for anyone to use.

"Moritz has got real and deep knowledge about AI and how to become a better entrepreneur using it."

- Ole Lehmann, Founder of AI Solopreneur (120k+ Twitter followers)

What you'll get

The system that helped me grow to 60k+ Twitter followers, 21k+ newsletter subscribers and gain over 80M impressions in less than a year.


100+ AI content templates

  • 100+ templates you can plug-and-play to create content for Twitter, LinkedIn and newsletters in seconds.
  • One fully organized, tagged and searchable Notion database.
  • Templates categorized into “How To”, “Advice”, “Lessons”, “Story”, “Resources”, “News”, and “Observation” posts to narrow your focus.
  • 10 bundle templates that let you create up to 10 different pieces of content with just a single idea.


Optimized AI prompts

  • 7 optimized AI prompts for shortform, longform, threads and blog content to create 10,000+ variations of content combined with the templates.
  • 4 specific prompts to get infinite content ideas, so that you never run out of ideas about what to post again.
  • 4 optimized mega-prompts to create your own templates and build up your own custom templates library.


In-depth video tutorials

  • My 5 minute quick-start guide (If you just watch this video, you’ll be able to get started immediately).
  • My simple 3-step process for effortlessly creating 100s of pieces of content.
  • How to repurpose your content using the 100+ templates, to create an evergreen content machine (literally what all of the top creators do!).
  • The complete guide on how to create your own templates and what you need to watch out for.
  • Clever ways to use AI to brainstorm content for you by putting the AI assistant in the shoes of a typical member of your target audience.



  • 29 email sequences and 5 welcome email templates to create email campaigns that convert.
  • 10 Landing page templates to create your SaaS, course or welcome offer landing page copy in seconds.

"I started using these templates and prompts and I created/edited/scheduled 30 days of my short-form twitter posts in about 2-3hrs."

- Vijay Peduru, Creator of The25Kclub

Is this the right product for you?

This product is NOT for you if:

  • ❌ You think AI is just a fad or trend that will blow over eventually (it's not).
  • ❌ You enjoy spending 20+ hours a week creating content (your business will likely suffer).
  • ❌ You don’t care about growing an audience and building a personal brand (you're missing out).

This product is for you if:

  • ✅ You’re ready to grow an audience of raving fans using educational content.
  • ✅ You’re a creator or entrepreneur who wants to grow your personal brand and business.
  • ✅ You want to create high-quality content by using AI, and save 20+ per week.
  • ✅ You're tired of generic AI outputs that result from lazy, one-sentence prompts or bad tools.
  • ✅ You’re building an audience and marketing a SaaS, info product, course or service business.


AI Growth Kit

🎁 $100 off for the first 200 customers (14 left)

Pay once, access forever.

Pay once, access forever.

"After pre-ordering Moritz's Growth Kit, my content workflow will never be the same. Insane value compared to the price it costs."

- Jose Robinson, Founder of AIpreneurs Automation (9k+ followers)


I thought AI writes generic content that doesn't convert?

Correct, if you provide generic prompts. That's why I created this library. Because the best way to get high-quality outputs from AI is to provide VERY clear and specific templates.

Can't I just create these templates myself?

Yes you might be able to. But I've spent over 1 year meticulously curating this library and creating these templates for my own business. Getting this kit will save you hundreds of hours of time.

Can't I just write all my content without AI?

Sure, but with AI you're 50-80% faster and will get ahead of other entrepreneurs and creators that are not using AI.

How long will it take me to go through this product?

To go through the video and text lessons it will take you less than an hour. I'm not a fan of long courses, because few people ever complete them. That's why I've made the lessons as concise as possible.
The template library meanwhile is a huge, searchable database. It's designed so you can keep coming back to it as you progress in your content creation journey. This is a toolkit which provides ongoing value and support.

How much time will I save by using the AI Growth Kit?

You can expect your content creation time to be cut down by 50-80%, so you could be saving 20+ per week. But this will of course depend on your own circumstances and situation.

For which platforms is this?

The focus of the AI Growth Kit is on text-based content. This means it works well for Twitter, LinkedIn and newsletters. As a bonus you'll also get emails and pages templates. It can also work for Instagram if you plan to do screenshotted text content as images, or on Facebook.

For which niche is this?

The systems and templates inside of the AI Growth Kit are ideal for building a personal brand using educational content. This means the product is applicable across all sorts of niches and industries.

What other tools will I need for this?

You'll need access to your AI chatbot (LLM) of choice. You can use the free versions of ChatGPT or Claude, but you will likely be getting better results with the paid versions.

Will the AI Growth Kit be updated?

Yes, the library will be regularly updated and if within the Pro plan you will have lifetime access to all updates.

Will you be offering support?

Yes I will be actively offering support within the Discord community (part of the Pro plan). I love seeing customers put my product to use and asking questions, which helps me improve it.

Is it possible to use it in another language than English?

While the templates are in English, you can easily plug them into the chatbot and translate them to any language.

Is this for beginners or advanced marketers?

Both. You will get value out of the product if you're a beginner and have never done content creation, or if you're an advanced marketer.

What is your refund policy?

I want to make sure this is a no-brainer investment for you if you’re eager to implement the systems and not just here to get free stuff. So, here’s my guarantee:
If after the first 30 days of purchase you can show me that you have implemented the systems and have created 2 posts per day, but are still not satisfied with the results, you can send me an email and I’ll give you 100% of your money back. All I ask is that you give me some feedback as to what did not meet your expectations.

"This product is easily in the top three of all the AI content/copywriting products out there. And I’ve bought many! Moritz's system is spot on."

- Jonas Munnich, Copywriter

Accelerate your audience growth.

No more generic AI copywriting. No more endless time spent on content creation to grow your business. Get the AI Growth Kit and generate high-quality content in seconds.